Need A Ride?

I feel like we should name this bad boy. Leave your idea in the comments below. Funniest name wins a pound of fromunda cheese.


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Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Yeah!

Hey cut her some slack, it’s tough packing all that sexiness into one outfit. It’s both a gift and a curse!


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“The Man Went Berserk.”

Workers at the Walmart in Weslaco spend the early part of Saturday afternoon cleaning up the produce section of the big box retailer.

According to witnesses, the man walked in sometime past noon and threw a tantrum inside the store.

Witnesses said the man threatened people, and then set off a fire extinguisher on the produce section, blanketing fruits and vegetables with the white residue.

“The man went berserk,” an anonymous shopper told Action 4 News. “He was crazy.”

At this time it is unclear what caused the man to get agitated, or what happened to him after.

Walmart employees, while wearing surgical masks, blocked off the entire produce section as they cleaned up the damage.

One of the workers told Action 4 News the man was an ex-convict that was just released from prison.

The store management would not release details about what happened and referred all questions to the Walmart Media Relations office.

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You guys are stupid and mean. people should be able to wear what they want without being put on the internet and laughed at. If i found myself on here i would sue it! people have the right to wear what they want. If they want to wear dirty gross bikinis with painted faces, so be it! you shouldn’t laugh for things THEY choose to do, what THEY choose to wear. you should all be ashamed.

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