Macho Man

I instantly thought of the Village People so I hope you’re ready for some knowledge bombs to be dropped on you. Let’s start with the fact that not all of the Village People were gay (although I’m not sure if I believe that). The group’s name derives from NYC’s Greenwich Village, at the time known for it’s gay population. Also, the U.S. Navy used the famous “In The Navy” song as a recruitment campaign until public opinion influenced a change in that decision….cue “the more you know” music.

North Carolina

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Drying Off

What? You know a better way to dry a sweaty crack? Oh you do? Well then, maybe he just likes the feeling of hot air jetting into his poop shoot.


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People Of Walmart: In The News

Shequilla Y. Hollingsworth, age 23, was arrested for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child Р3 counts, Retail Theft, Resisting/Obstructing Р2 counts, Bail Jumping Р2 counts, Unlawful Trespass, and on a warrant.

The suspect has already been banned from all Wal-Mart stores for life because of her past criminal activities, but that did not stop the 23-year old Madison woman from allegedly bringing 3 children to the Watts Rd. location Monday evening with the hopes of stealing alcohol and other merchandise, but primarily alcohol. Store employees said the group brought two big bags with them and swiped two others while inside the Wal-Mart.

They then proceeded to place more than $180 worth of vodka, tequila, garments and other items in the bags. Store security intervened before the thieves could get away. The adult suspect identified herself with a bogus name and it wasn’t until she was being booked into jail that her true identity was gleaned. It was determined she has an outstanding warrant for retail theft and contributing to the delinquency of a child. She was also booked on several new tentative charges. They are listed above. The children were cited and released to their parents or guardians.

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The Bathroom Baby

At first I thought maybe she was just cool with having her kid lay on the nasty floor, but the more I think of it the more I hope this is just a sweet reenactment of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”.


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