4 More Years

Ohhhh okay, I see how it is. Just rub it in that my Mitt Romney suit with his face plastered all over it is now useless…bitch.


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WWIB: Your Momma Wears Army Boots

Bottom biscuits and boots? They go together like peaches and cream, right? No? Oh well, I’m sure you thought it was gonna look sexy at the time. Anyway people, we need to determine ‘Who Wears It Better’!

Arizona & Oklahoma

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Look Closely

Your back looks like an old wrinkly man’s face being unwillingly forced into a black ski mask…which is something that I honestly never thought I would say.


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Legalize It

Ohhh hot damn, marijuana. The topic every pothead likes to talk about so every person they know is aware that they smoke weed. So yeah, Colorado and Washington are the newest states to legalize it, but don’t go sparking that spliff so fast, there is still that whole federal law thing getting in the way. Anyway I personally don’t give a shit whether it’s legal or not, it’s not like it’s hard to get. I think my dentist sells the shit. But I’m still curious as to what you guys think. Is it high times yet?

Indiana & Oregon

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