Voting Day

After years of planning, campaigning, debating, annoying phone calls, awkward door-to-door conversations, yard signs everywhere, flip flopping, and over 2 billion dollars spent on terrible television ads in Ohio alone, today is the day we go out and vote for the person we knew we were going to vote for 4 years ago. You can go ahead and yell at each other in the comments now because that’s the best way to change another person’s opinion.

Missouri & Virginia

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Pin The Tail On The Jackass

Is it possible to overdose on awesomeness?


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Gimme Your Teeth!

It wasn’t weird until she started telling everyone she was the Tooth Fairy….Ok I’m lying, it was weird even before that.


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Caption Contest!

It’s not often someone has a worse shirt on than a Cincinnati Bengals fan but this guy managed to do it. What I want to know, and what the world wants to know, is what that little boy is saying to his mother. Best caption will receive a copy of our new 2013 calendar¬†People of Walmart 365 days of Shop & Awe. Also, if you don’t win, which is pretty much everyone, you can buy the calendar. Now. Go buy it now. Right now. If you don’t, the terrorists win.


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