Bless Their Heart


Okaaaaayyy. You see, I thought the whole stick figure sticker people on the back of your car was kinda weird and unnecessary but I see you’re on a war path to one-up everyone. Anyway, I’m sure your little blessings just love it when you drop them off at school.


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Dainty Little Moonbeams


Does anyone even know what Elvis really looked like at this point? Seriously, all you die-hard Elvis fans are just ruining his reputation. There is a generation growing up that just assumes he is some made up character that could have been either a fat Asian or tall black guy who used to stand outside Vegas and ask for spare change. Nice work hound dogs.


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WWIB: Double Stuffed


You know what was a logical and pleasant revelation? The double-stuffed Oreo. Wanna know what isn’t pleasant? The double-stuffed jorts. I’d ask you “Who Wears It Better?” but frankly I just don’t care right now.


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Baby Love


It’s too bad there isn’t some sort of device that lets you capture a person’s image that you could keep for years and look at anytime you want. Oh well, until that magical day I guess we’ll all have to keep tattooing babies on our bodies. Good thing all babies don’t look alike.


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