What’s The Buzz?


Toy Story 14: “Buzz Lightyear will eventually get there to the rescue but makes no promises on how effective he will be.” Things are getting sad at Disney Pixar now.


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WWIB: Black Out


Little bit of anger, lots of black, little bit of bare skin, I really don’t know whether these girls are about to mope around until they cut me or have sex with me. Maybe that’s the allure! Which one are you gonna take that risk for?

California & Georgia

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Mistakes Will Be Made


Well if you aren’t the definition of LateNightMistakes.com I honestly don’t know what is!


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That Face Says It All


I asked around to our boys over at GirlsinYogaPants.com and they said that definitively “No, there is no way a front butt would count to get on their site.” So that’s kind of a bummer. (They always think they’re better than us cause they got lovely lady lumps.)


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