‘Too Cool’


Just in case you weren’t quite sure if you were a redneck or not, if you drive this thing just go ahead and check the box marked “yes”.


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I suppose if you win you’re allowed to look downright foolish out in public and nobody can really talk shit to you because you’ve got the whole “yeah, we just won the whole thing” trump card. But don’t get too cocky sports fans, that only lasts like 3-5 days after the win.


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See-Through Booty


“All aboard the mesh express!” – Wait. Nobody is getting on? Not a single person? Last call now…okay, looks like you’re riding solo young lady.


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An Epic Redbox Return


We got Long John Silver over here creepin’ everyone out. Although I bet he would make a good pirate, because if this dude came up to me at Walmart asking for all my money and jewelry I’d probably give it to him with no questions asked.


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