From Downtown!


Maybe it’s just me, but I find these big ol’ ear gauges gross, creepy and a challenge. The challenge being the game I enjoy playing where I crumble up paper or a straw wrapper or whatever I have handy and try to shoot it through the ear hole like a basketball hoop. I encourage everyone to play this game and I take no responsibility for any physical harm that may come to you should you decide to go in for a slam dunk.


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Real Life Jeff Albertson


I’m just worried about who he left in charge of the comic book shop while he was gone.

New York

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Modeling Gig


I see you’ve followed those heart warming Facebook articles that get shared about women loving the body they have and you decided to become a part-time model. Good for you. Not so much for us. Perhaps you can get off the Walmart runway so I can finish buying batteries, a picture frame, Pop Tarts and deodorant all at the same place/your fashion show.


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Morning Glory


Old ladies wearing curlers out in public should be the international sign for ladies that honestly stopped giving a shit about what you think.


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