Dub V


Listen bud, you can leave the “f*ckin” out. When your wife and cousin are the same person the “f*ckin” in your state name doesn’t need to be stated, it’s implied quite well.


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WWIB: Hairy Situation


In words I never thought would leave my mouth – “I’m going to need you to ignore the guy with horns and just concentrate on the flower girl.” – I need you to do that because in this “Who Wears it Better” she takes her garden and matches it head to head (pun intended) vs rainbow road. Who ya got?


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Some Bunny To Love


Kinda sad seeing a grown bunny after Easter. Still probably sad before Easter, but now that it has passed it’s definitely amplified.


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Gary The Giraffe


Dude is dressed like a giraffe yet I’m the one that got all of the crazy looks when I walked up to him and asked if I could see what color his tongue was.


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