A Sore Experience

My co-worker relayed a story to me the other day about her neighbor who never does her “big” shopping at walmart. She would only go to walmart if she needed a couple things in a hurry. One day the neighbor was at walmart and decided since she was already there she would do her grocery shopping there also. So she has a cart overflowing with groceries etc and is in line to pay for her purchases. She loads all her things onto the belt, gets up to where you pay and the walmart worker has these grotesque sores all over her arms (some open and some not). One that happened to be open was on her hand in between the thumb and pointing finger. Since part of her job was to constantly pick up items and scan them, this sore would not stop seeping to keep a bandaid on. While the neighbor is doing her best to hold back her disgust and horror at first not understanding why they didn’t not make this employee at least wear a long sleeve shirt while working with the public, the employee does the most disgusting thing. The sore that is seeping on her hand, starts to drip so the employee proceeds to portray her annoyance at this and licks the seeping sore.

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