Camera Shy

I worked in the photo lab at Walmart. I had a customer come in and tell me she wanted me to take the film out of her camera. She put the camera on the counter and it was one of those disposable water cameras. I told her that you just turn the whole camera in and that the film doesn’t have to be removed before hand. I told her it was a throw away camera. She got very angry and said that no it was not a throw away camera and she wouldn’t have spent so much on it if it was. She demanded that I take the film out for her. Not wanting to argue any more I went back and opened it up with a screw driver like we did all the disposable cameras, took out the film and gave her back all of the pieces. She took them and left. Later I heard from one of the managers that a customer turned in a complaint about me that I had broken her camera. And he gave her a new one! A couple of months later she came back and not remembering me tried to do the same thing again to get another free camera. I told her the plan wasn’t going to work this time. Seriously, just pay the money for a new camera yourself!

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