Fun With Capybaras


Here is what I don’t know: What the hell that thing is and what it’s doing there. Here is what I do know: It doesn’t belong in public, and if this big rat’s name is anything but Master Splinter then the owner should be put down inhumanely.


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Zebra On The Prowl


Sexy, middle aged women are often referred to as cougars. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say sexy women over the age of 75 are now called zebras…I think she took it a little too literal.

Rhode Island

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Kangaroo Song!


Well this is DEFINITELY not the type of kangaroo pouch we are accustomed to seeing on PoWM, but I’m still hopping with joy! Oh and something something something, Australia, “the dingo ate my baby”.

North Carolina

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Monkey See, Monkey Do


Just can’t seem to get that monkey off your back, eh?


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