Polly Want A Diaper?


AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to tell all my friends that I caught bird flu standing behind some dildo in line with a fleece vest covered in fresh bird shit. Do us all a favor and f*** off will ya.

North Carolina

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Get A Job!


Come on lady! I think it’s about time we get serious, okay? This is getting a little embarrassing on your part. If he is old enough for a shirt and tie then I think it’s time for him to put his teddy bear down.


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Save A Horse…


Mongo only pawn in game of life.


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Bird Is The Word


Thanks for at least putting your bird in a cage. Second, that’s sweet that your bird helps you pick out beer. Finally, can I please join in whatever it is you got going on that involves beer, flashlights, and a bird because it has to be awesome.


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