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Nom Nom Nom!


Oh Magic School Bus Lady, you could bring smiles and joy to a funeral on a rainy day. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ girl, that’s why you’re a PoWM Hall of Famer.


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The Comic Book Guy


Shouldn’t you be getting back to your comic book store in Springfield?


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Could you imagine if all terrorists** dressed like this? I’m pretty sure all wars would end in 25 minutes followed by 45 days of laughter.

**We at PoWM are not suggesting that this man is a terrorist, or that all Middle Eastern people are terrorists, or that everyone with a turban or similar headwear is a terrorist, nor are we suggesting anything else I forgot to mention that would piss off an entire race of people who may or may not be known for bombing other people.


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Blurple Nurple


I didn’t know that they had mail order brides from the dressing room of a cheap alien themed soft core porno……good to know.


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