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Breakfast Club Reject


Oh man! I bet back in your day everyone thought that outfit was awesome huh?!!!….Well, they didn’t, and they still don’t. You looked like a moron then and now you just look like a bigger older moron. You’re like 50 years old, take off the acid wash jeans and the goofy hat, wear normal shoes and remove the armbands because now not only are you embarrassing yourself but you’re also probably embarrassing your kids as well, that is if anyone decided ┬áto ever have sex with you.


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Shop While You Wait


I see you went and got your hair did. Do you mind not doing it all over the store?


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He Got It All


I still can’t figure out why the whole “suspenders and sweatpants” trend never caught on. I think the “loafers and sweatpants” look is big in college but I guess they just haven’t found the wonderful world of suspenders yet.


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Point ‘Em Out


Uuggghhhh….ya know, sometimes i’m just too tired to yell at someone. I feel like at this point I’m bettor off lecturing a wall, so I’m just gonna let you guys yell at her.

New York

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