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Granny Panties


So that’s why they call them granny panties?!?!?!….Gross.


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Finish Him


He must be picking up some topsoil and dirt to cover all the bodies who met their end at the wrath of his flying scissor kick.


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Caption Contest!


Here is what we want: your captions! Let us hear what you got. Winner receives something cool…like a used Sandlot 2 DVD or something.


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Reppin’ The Rainbow


Oh God! Oh my God man! Oh geez! Oh man a double rainbow!!! How’s does that even…oh my God! Oh geez man! Okay, that video and joke is now officially old and played out, and I apologize. Let’s stick with what we know: Who wears it better, Santa’s odd cousin or Mrs. Hippie Skittle?

New York & Texas

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8 Comments Featured Creature  //  New York  //  Texas  //  Walmart Fashion  //  Who Wears It Better?

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