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Caption Contest!


Let’s kick the week off right with a CAPTION CONTEST! You should know how it works by now, but if not what you need to do is come up with a funny caption and post it in the comments. Winner will get a signed copy of our upcoming book “Shop & Awe” or maybe a copy of an old John Grisham book that we found and forged his signature on. I don’t know, I’m gonna go grab me a Sunkist…


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Wrapping It Up


Ohh that’s neat! After a cookout I wrap my leftover corn on the cob the same way. Very summery, I like that.


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Hornet’s Nest


I guess you could say everyone is “buzzing” about your entire get-up from head to toe. Well, maybe not all the way at the top of your head, but they’re definitely buzzing!


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Back Rack


When you hear “String Bikini,” what part of that makes you think that you are their target market? Stop for a minute and think hard about what you are doing….Your back rack is covering clothing! Clothing! Your back rack is covering clothing, which sole purpose is to cover you! Think about that long and hard, then act accordingly.


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