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This is a groundbreaking day for us here at PoWM as we have our first ever “Odd Couple Contest!” Fine, maybe it’s not groundbreaking, but we’d still like to know which couple you like better: Stone Cold who keeps his beer in his girls Capri Sun backpack, or Pinky (by the way what do you call a jean skirt? A jirt? ehh we’ll work on it) who loves a man with a chain-wallet and fedora?


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So Cheesy


Does anyone know why all of these mariachi bands are showing up at Walmart? It is really starting to get to the point where it has become a little less funny to me, but a little more concerning. I can’t keep assuming mariachi bands love Cheez-Its.


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Big Sh*t Poppin’


You know those socks are crazy out there when they can manage to somehow distract you from that booty POPPIN’ out of those jorts.


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Safety Measure


It’s a good thing you got a lock there because I’m sure all the ladies are doing whatever they can to break in and get them a piece of you.

New York

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