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Step Right Up!


As soon as we can find a sword-swallower and a lizard man to join the bearded lady here, I’m taking them all on tour to a city near you.


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Squirrelly Vet


He may not be the next Red Baron, but he and his air force made entirely of squirrels aren’t to be messed with.


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The Snow Leopard


Question: Was that snow leopard dress an actual dress that would have completely covered a smaller person or was it made to look like an apron so everyone can see that you match your wonder-bra and your hair? I only ask because I assume some of our fans will want to go out and get it after how well you rock it.

North Carolina

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Hawaiian Punch


Miss, just to be clear they’re remaking Hawaii Five-O not Hawaii over 50.


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People of Walmart is a humor blog that depicts the many customers of Walmart stores across the United States and Canada. Through funny photos and videos, People of Walmart is an entertainment blog in the Three Ring Blogs network that features over 30 of the funniest humor blogs on the internet. Walmart is the largest retail store in the United States and has millions of people visit stores each day wearing anything but proper attire. Hello Flippa.

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