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Fun With Koalas


If that is an actual, real-life, tiny Koala bear that just hangs on to you as you go about your day you have just jumped to #1 on the list of coolest people in the world. However, if it is not real, you drop so far down that list the Chocolate Rain guy is laughing at you.


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Valued Customers


Umm, where the hell is your kid going to lay now that there is a big engine under the cart?

North Carolina

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Crack Open Our Book


Feel the sudden urge to Crack open a book? Well then unlike her, we got you covered. Check out the inside of our new book People of Walmart: Shop & Awe HERE.


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Okay, I’m a little curious so I’m going to conduct my own poll. This is now completely official and your answers will have an enormous impact on how Jennifer Garner is viewed in the public eye from this point forward. So….How many people hate Jennifer Garner simply because she is married to Ben Affleck?


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