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Do The Dew


I don’t really see anyth……oh wait, there she is! I see her! She was blending in with the Mountain Dew; which is something I never thought I would say about a neon green beverage.


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Forgetful Parent


What? I forget stuff in my cart all the time….usually it’s a case of water or Pepsi underneath my cart and not a child, but if the kid is really quiet or something I can see how you would FORGET YOU CHILD IN THE CART…..ahhh stop worrying, all the mother has to do is return with her receipt and they will replace it.


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Happy 30th Pac-Man


Ummm, how ’bout you stop talking and get the hell out of his way so he can reach the power pellets and eat the ghost monsters before they eat him! God, you don’t even have any cherries to give him….SO inconsiderate and frankly, quite rude.


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Lacking Coverage


It’s never a good sign when the thongs on your feet cover more than the one on your ass.


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