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Ridin’ The Pony


You better roll up those jorts and get yourself prepared because once they see that tail everybody is gonna want to ride that pony!


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Looking Like A Rasta Boy


Maybe if you weren’t in a fog from all that hemp you could see that it says Wal-Mart and not Woodstock.


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Pump It Up


Hmmm, although they do make his booty pop, I’m not sure if I would have gone with the black and white heels. I think I would have gone with something with a little more flare. Maybe like a red open toed with a hint of silver sparkle in it. But what do I know.


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Trailer Park Boy


Nice…ummm….nice….aaaaah….yeah I got nothin’. That’s not even one of those shirts that is a play on words! In fact it’s about as subtle as a punch to the face.


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