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Piece Of Cake

Listen, I don’t need a cardboard sign to point out Strawberry Shortcake’s disturbed sister. She does a fine enough job getting attention on her own. Although, if I were her I’d be a little more careful with that cake purse at Walmart; Someone is bound to snatch that up and try eating it.


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The Withering White Male


I’ll tell ya what buddy let me go ahead and take a worldwide vote and see who all wouldn’t want to be born a white male in America. I’m sure you and the 3 other idiots will be new best friends. Geez, this guy would hit the lottery and bitch about the taxes.


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Man Up

To all you “bros” out there that think they are bringing it by rocking oversized sunglasses, a headband, and a creatively worded tank-top, take a look at this guy and contemplate everything you’re doing wrong because he is all that is man. All that is man!


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Side Creepin’

Side boob – not always as good as it sounds. By the way, that’s advice for both having it and looking at it.


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