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Bouncin’ Around


I’m not even gonna say anything bad here. Can you even grasp how awesome it would be walking into Walmart and seeing a moon-bounce? Parents could ignore their kids and shop in peace for a while and kids can have fun in a moon-bounce until they eventually run through the store crying and searching for their parents because I may or may not sneak into the moon-bounce and knock them through the mesh door flap and into a rack of clothes.


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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Hey¬†Cyndi Lauper, weren’t you just on Celebrity Apprentice? Using the term “celebrity” pretty loosely, but regardless you still look outdated and bat-shit crazy.


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Here Kitty Kitty!


At first I was like “What’s with the 3-foot pigtails?”, then I realized your cats probably like to bat them around and you just can’t bring yourself to take anything away that amuses old Whiskers and his friends.


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You Love It

Does he also love unoriginal joke shirts? What are his feelings on bags-o-douche wearing fedoras? Is he pro or con tats and a spike through the lip that scream for attention? Get back to me on those.

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