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Gut Check


Kinda got the whole “Indian in the Cupboard” thing going, huh? Well, except you’re not really tiny, there is no way you could fit in a cupboard, and you’re probably not even Native American….so I guess you just have a weird mohawk that starts extremely far back on your head. Oh and those are definitely not 6-pack abs. Looks like I wasn’t even close with my original comment.


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She Wore An Itsy Bitsy…


A lot of our fans suggested that we show some attractive Walcreatures, so here you go.


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Not A Real American


You have a custom made “Hulk Hogan is an idiot” shirt? How can you hate the greatest wrestler of all time? If you hate The Hulk, you hate America! I’m tempted to kick the person who submitted this pic out of America just for being in the same store as this guy…I’m too upset to talk now.


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It’s All Good Baby Baby!


Ignoring the obvious multi-tasking, and whether the under or over technique is better….I just hope the baby doesn’t absorb any of the chemicals from those acid-washed jorts!

New Jersey

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