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Caution: Round Load

C’mon buddy, we know you didn’t get your “round load” by just….grazing. Huh? Right? No? Well, f*ck you guys then.


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Total Nonstop Action

This is Rob Terry of something called TNA Wrestling. Honestly he just looks like another D-bagging meat-head to me, but then again I haven’t watched any wrestling since I was 15, so I’ll leave it up to you guys to let us know if he is a celebrity or not.


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I’m A Boat Captain


Who says Hugh Hefner is the only person capable of rocking that hat?! Although I have to say that hat looks a little more ridiculous when it’s not surrounded by 22 year old naked blondes.

North Carolina

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L.A. Riots


You know, I would expect this from Mountaineer fans in West Virginia, but Laker fans? C’mon Los Angeles, you win an NBA championship every other year. Does winning still give you the urge to burn shit?


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