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Stripped Down


Is it weird that you use the money you earn from stripping to buy bras that you will then take off for said money?

South Carolina

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Hitchin’ A Ride


Miss, if you don’t find the rest of you shirt and stop sticking that leg out like a hitchhiker, I will hit you with my cart.


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Onesie, Twosie


Is that a terrycloth overalls onesie? I didn’t even know they sold those. I thought they were made exclusively for adults who act on children’s television shows.

North Carolina

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Hooray For Boobies?


It doesn’t take a mathematician to determine that (1) the proportion of covered to uncovered tit is not in anyone’s favor, (2) that the odds of aforementioned tits popping out are extremely high, (3) the angle those bad boys will be hanging out at is gross, and (4) the amount of people that want to see that is 0.


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