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Sexy Back

Wheww, okay people we are in the clear. For a minute there I thought “sexy” meant something completely different and we’ve been using it wrong all this time. Turns out she’s the one that is mistaken as to it’s meaning.


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Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet

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So far we’ve been getting some awesome PoWM themed Halloween costumes sent our way. In fact, if these were actually taken at a Walmart we probably would have thought they were legit normal submissions. So which is your favorite? How sad are you we haven’t seen a Willy the Pimp costume yet?


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Stroking The Cocks


PoWM headquarters reside in South Carolina so we know all about big cocks hanging around Walmart, but we figured the rest of the country just doesn’t quite grasp the amount and size of cocks everywhere. You can’t miss them. They’re just always right in your face. Cocks everywhere…..cocks.

South Carolina

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Blame It On The Henny


Just a heads up, being fair game after passing out with your shoes on applies to sandals as well. Our friends over at¬†LateNightMistakes.com¬†taught us that….the hard way.


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