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I Hope You Like What I Did To Yo’ Lawnmower


Hey Bobby Boucher, I know it’s a sweet ride and I’m sure you pick up all the chicks with promises of rides in your trailer, but is it really necessary to take up 2 parking spots? I mean, when you think about it, you’re just giving more room to the thieves that undoubtedly try to steal those 9″ rims.


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Throw It In The Bag

I don’t have kids so if someone could let me know if a bag on the head is a common play toy nowadays I’d appreciate it. Honestly, I’m out of the loop so I only have common sense to work off of, which apparently is more than most people, but nonetheless I’d like to know if I’m overreacting to plastic bag on the faces of children.


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It’s A Piece Of Sh*t Car


Awww, the only thing actually smiling at that car is our favorite “what the F?” car website youdrivewhat.com.


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Baby Lee

It’s not often “smart” and “hillbilly” are in the same sentence but I suppose the hillbilly smart car defies nearly all types of logic so I’ll just go ahead and tell this guy that while we appreciate his attempt, there is literally nothing in the world that can be done to man-up a smart car. Chances are good he already lost his balls, but if someone happens to see him go ahead and take them with his man card please.


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