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Listen, we all know men buy cars to overcompensate for their penis size and to pick up chicks, but we have all got along just fine by letting that speak for itself. Try not to be so obvious with the ladies. You’re not a European guy at the club, you’re at Walmart.

South Carolina

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The Bucket List


I can find 48 other things that I would be willing to do with a flannel bucket hat before I would resort to putting it on….true story.

West Virginia

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Speedo Steve


That’s a good look…if your main goal was to alienate yourself from the world and have parents hide their children when you are within 15 miles of their house.


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Tire Rack

Who doesn’t need 2 spare tires? Am I right? Huh? Cause of the one for the car and the other around his exposed waist. Right? Huh? No? You know what, I’m just gonna take an early weekend. I hate all of you.


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