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Would You Like To Pet The Kitty?


The extremely popular infatuation with Hello Kitty is something I’ll never understand. But whatever, the real issue at hand is if I were to force you to chose to pick between driving that car the rest of your life or getting that tattoo which would you choose? Also, is that a DarthVader/Hello Kitty hybrid tattoo?


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Airing The Stank Out


What do you guys think about the ripped clothes? Personally I’m not a fan, but maybe they help serve a purpose by letting the body breathe and by letting some of the stank out. I don’t know, I’m not a body stank specialist but perhaps these have some redeeming quality. I mean they have to have one good thing about them, right?


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Head Trauma


What are you? The viking goddess of loneliness? Get rid of the tail hat and try having a conversation with someone that doesn’t involve your theory on episode 218 of Star Trek.


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We’re Not Low


I’m not sure what level that kid can read at, but no matter what I feel like “High As Fuck” isn’t a shirt I would even wear around the illiterate.


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