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Princess Peach


Oh if Mario only would have known who he was going to save, he could have instead saved us all a lot of time and lives.


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Duck Hunt


I’m digging your all-purpose duck hunting hat. Now where is that rude duck who constantly laughs at you because I may or may not have some unfinished business with him.


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Yeager Bomb


Ohhh I see what you did there Mr. Play-On-Words. You took ‘Jager Bomb’ and replaced it with your last name, Yeager, inside a bomb! Fantastic! Hey, maybe next time you can just tattoo the word ‘red’ on your neck, or get real creative and go with a picture of a hill and a guy named Billy!


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Ridin’ The Pony


You better roll up those jorts and get yourself prepared because once they see that tail everybody is gonna want to ride that pony!


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