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Fanny Packed In Tight

wanna help me life my milk jug??

Let’s see if you can spot one thing that is NOT wrong with this picture.


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Ty, Ty & Ty


Really? I mean for real, did you honestly think putting your kids out there like this was a good idea? Let’s ignore the fact that kids at school would have a field day with this; Was it just too much trouble to go ahead and buy the rope and duct tape for the kidnappers? C’mon son!


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Stand Next To The Cheese Ball Display

Remind me to hire that photographer for my wedding pictures because she sure knows how to pick the most romantic spots.


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Shark Week

Yeah everyone is loving Shark Week. There is nothing like spending 80 hours watching sharks in anticipation for that 14 minute segment where someone gets attacked and killed, I get that because I do it too. I just wish we had the picture of him being attacked in Walmart for you guys….maybe if you stare at this picture for 80+ hours he will. Let me know.


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