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When Walmart Calls For You

Walmart Mask

Meet Jill, she lives in Arkansas and she proudly frequents Store #1 several times a week. She ran out of masks, but decided that instead of boiling noodles that day she’d wear the lid to her cooker instead. She frollicked to store #1, argued with the greeter that this was proper ppe. Won. Grabbed her cigarettes and santa panties, did the self checkout and left. Don’t be Jill.


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All Aboard The Walmart Express!

Walmart Express

Move over Little Engine that could, and hey Chuggington there is no room for you in this space. They don’t have 4 wheel drive, but there are 16 wheels in total, along with 4 social security cards, and 2 cartons of cigs, with a side of chew.


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Walmart Mullet: A Rare Specimen

This is a rare find! A Walmart Mullet the clearance of hair is in it’s natural habitat, the clearance section.


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Friday Lesson: Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day.

Breakfast Most Important Meal

At People of Walmart we enjoy giving the absolute best advice to our visitors. Today, we give you advice through a photo. So the next time your shirt, socks, and underwear are all in the wash strap on your overalls and head to Walmart. Why? Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


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