WWIB: Fuzzy Wuzzy

Bow chicka wow wow! Ahhhh yaaaa it’s Who Wears It Better: Furry Hooker Edition! So which lovely lady would you want giving you a VD? Do you like the more traditional pink & black stripper gear or slutty Pebbles from the Flintstones all grown up?

Florida & Texas

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Oooooh Cake!

Okay I’m gonna ignore the wedding. You want weird wedding stuff? Go over to I’m more enthralled by the dude eating cake giving them a look like “What are these crazy people doing over here dressed for a wedding in the free cake tent?”


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I Do!

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Have You Seen My Pants?

A Mount Holly couple saw more than they would’ve liked when shopping at Walmart Saturday – a man driving through the parking lot with his pants down.

According to arrest warrants, Alberto Angel Munoz was driving up and down aisles in the parking lot of Walmart at Franklin Square, exposing his private parts.

Munoz, 31, of 2010 Castleton Creek, Belmont, was driving an Acura with a “for sale” sign displayed.

A Walmart customer walked up to the vehicle to inquire about it and saw Munoz’s pants down. Munoz was covering himself with his shirt, the man said.

The man and his wife walked away and observed Munoz continuing to drive through the lot. They told a police officer who was coming out of the store. The officer approached the car and reported seeing Munoz’s private parts, according to the warrant.

Munoz was charged with indecent exposure and assigned a $500 secured bond. He remained in jail Sunday afternoon.

Munoz has no criminal record in North Carolina according to the N.C. Department of Correction.

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