The Cart

So, I was in the parking lot at Wal-Mart walking up to the store when from maybe 20 feet in back of me an elderly lady (maybe 70) kindly asked me if I wanted to use her cart. I kindly said, “No thanks, I just have to pick up a few items, no need for a cart this trip.” (NOTE: The lady looked very capable of walking, and just a couple of pounds over weight.) She turned sour and screamed, “THANKS. THANKS A LOT FOR HELPING ME.” She turned her cart around very fast and put it in one of those cart collectors, got in her car, slammed the car door, and while driving back, gave me the finger. I instantly started to burst out in laughter. I would have more than gladly taken it in for her if she had said “Can you please take my cart in for me?” or if after I said no she said “Oh, I meant can you please take my cart in for me?” Next time, I think I’ll just take the cart.

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I’m Super!

You know what folks, instead of starting your week out with something gross, we figured we would switch it up for ya and wish your all a fantabulous week courtesy of our favorite cross-dresser!


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Freak On A Leash

I wonder if their safe word is “rollback”.


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American Idol

Looks like we got ourselves another celebrity spotting at Walmart. This is Lauren Alaina from America Idol; apparently she finished 2nd and is a country singer. Once again I have no idea who this is. I stopped watching America Idol once my man Rueben somethingorother lost, or won, I don’t remember nor do I care. The point is someone go get a picture of a celebrity at Walmart that I know, like Bob Barker!


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