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I honest to God can’t think of a scenario where I need to leave or break out of a hospital to go buy a yoga mat. Shit, I’m relatively healthy and I don’t buy yoga mats. Good luck with your downward dog or whatever it is you do with that busted wing.


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A Worldly View

Oh snap! You best not be talking about Wally World, itellyathatmuch! I have seen far too many fantasical things at that magical world to just sit back and let you bad mouth it. I suggest you rethink your position or I will start mass-producing shirts that will curse your name!


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Feeling Blue

♫ I’m blue, I’m in need of a guy, I’m in need of a guy ♫

Those were the words, right? No? Well they seemed rather fitting for this situation.

Missouri & Ohio

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Pray Harder

WWJD? He would pull up his pants and lose the chain wallet.

New York

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