Baller Status

I can’t be sure if this is a celebrity sighting or not. I don’t think she is actually in the NBA, but full disclosure, I don’t watch the NBA. I find it to be stupid. Since 1980 there have been something like 8 or 9 different teams win the championship, that’s pathetic. 32 years, 8 cities…man that’s some exciting stuff right there. I don’t even have to watch a game to have fantastic odds of a preseason bet.

South Carolina

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Going Gray

That’s odd, I didn’t think skin tight shorts could sag…Ohhh ohhhh, dammit, nasty!


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Bill E. Goat

You see, what you’ve done is you have captured me in a dilemma here. I really wanna scream out in anger and curiosity as to why you have a f*cking goat in your car, but at the same time unlike most idiots, you’ve left your goat in the car rather than bring him in the store with you. So, in the spirit of fair play today, you shall pass.

North Carolina

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“Dude, I can’t be a racist, I have Obama tattooed on my leg!” (Editor’s note: I’ve had a Mitt Romney tattoo on my ass cheek for 2 1/2 years, so if he wins you guys can’t say I’m a bandwagon fan.)


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