Bring Your Green Hat

A holiday isn’t a holiday without the PoWM Holiday Man. You know my man has been celebrating since Valentine’s Day! What are your St. Patty’s Day plans for tomorrow? We plan on drinking some green beers at the beach…jealous?!

New York

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Sexy & Sexier

Ladies, please take note here. When the short pink shorts are workin’ for ya, roll up that shirt and show more skin. 50% of the time, it works every time!


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Kiss My Ass

In her defense, that part of her shorts was covering up her new tattoo. You know you wanted to find out where all those kisses were going to or coming from.


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Let The Madness Begin!

I know from experience that West Virginia Mountaineers fans have been ready for this March Madness tournament for days now! Unfortunately if they lose they set fire to a couch…then again if they win they will set fire to a couch. Either way a couch is getting lit up today and likely so am I. So who do you guys think will take it all this year?


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