Over & Out

There comes a point in a some men’s lives when they start to go bald. Some treat bald with dignity, others run for cover. However, for those that choose the comb-over route it seems that they then hit a second point where that’s not even doing the trick. My suggestion for this guy is either let it go or use some of that back shoulder hair and see if that will comb-up for you.


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Navigating Blindly

Oh yeah I’m sure she can see exactly where she is going and won’t run into a single person because Walmart is usually pretty empty. Although I guess people hang all that stupid shit from their rearview mirror in their cars so why should this be any different? (Fun fact: Hanging objects from your rearview mirror is illegal in most states.)


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Frank’s Cousin

I don’t know what the hell this is. I know it doesn’t belong walking around in Walmart and it will likely wake me in my sleep tonight, but the bottom line is I literally have no idea what this is, and I’m kinda happy about that.


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Gotta pick up a few more bananas to fill up your banana hammock?


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