Guys In Yoga Pants

Maybe we should toss these over to and see if they want to start!…No? That’s an absolutely horrendously awful idea you say? Worst thought ever? Geez I guess they all can’t be winners, but fine, no pear-pouches for you then!


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What Lockout?

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to find one in a hockey jersey! And to get more of your sports fix, check out our new site


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From Generation To Generation

It’s a picture like this that brings a tear to my eye. How fortunate are we that this guy was able to carry on that glorious hair’s lineage with a son who can clearly handle the burden of it’s beauty.


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Bikini Clad Clan

Ohhh yaaaa, I like my girls 36-24-58!….wait a second?!?!


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