Back Flossin’

When did they start making back-thongs? This is a wardrobe innovation that I of all people needed to be appraised of. I mean, they made back butt floss and didn’t even consult me? The more I think about it, I’m just offended I wasn’t even given a heads up. (Find this post on our Facebook page and “Share” it to be entered in our first $75 gift certificate to!)


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Chuck Norris Made Journey Stop Believing

Do you think Chuck Norris gets sick of hearing about all these epic scenarios and things that he can do? I mean, I could sit here and question the validity of all of them, but if even 1% are true, I’d be in some deep shit so I better play it safe.


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Original Plankster

My man here has been planking before planking was even cool….which is still actually right now because it’s never been cool.


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Red vs. Green


Okay it’s debate time people. Who wears ’em better (and by “better” we mean which one do you want to cut down at the knees less?) – Angry Red Monster or Goofy Green Girl?

North Carolina

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