37 Cents

Police arrested a Gaffney, S.C., man for allegedly switching price tags at the Shelby Walmart so he could buy a Blu-ray player for 37 cents.

Clayton Eric Collins, 34, took a price tag believed to be from a washcloth and put it on a Blu-ray player, according to a Shelby Police report. Collins was allegedly trying to pay for the Blu-ray player at the self-checkout counter when he couldn’t get the item to scan at a lower price.

The Blu-ray player is valued at $148.

The police report says an employee from Walmart’s loss prevention department stopped Collins at the front door of the store and took him to the office. A Shelby police officer arrived at the store and arrested Collins. He was charged with larceny by changing price tags, according to the Cleveland County jail website.

Walmart banned Collins from any store properties, the police report says.

A supplementary police report says once Collins was taken to the Cleveland County jail, a detention officer asked him if he had any drugs on his person. According to the report, after Collins heard the question he got a “deer-in-the-headlight look on his face.”

The officer searched Collins and found a baggie of marijuana inside Collins’ right sock. Police charged Collins with possession of drugs inside the jail.

Collins was booked in Cleveland County jail under a $6,000 secured bond for both charges.

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The Mad Sparrows

What do the cast from Alice In Wonderland and Pirates of the Caribbean have in common besides the fact that they both shop at Walmart? I don’t have an answer, but perhaps you guys do. Leave it in the comments!


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The Munsters

If this truck played the Munsters theme song as it drove down the street I would be thoroughly impressed!

New Hampshire

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Your Halloweener Is Showing

I love equal opportunity! Why should it only be females that are allowed to dress like sluts on Halloween? We look forward to seeing all of you on after you’ve had too much “candy” and wake up next to this guy. So, we at PoWM want to wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween weekend!


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