The Rabbit Hole

I see the kid from ‘Where The Wild Thing Are’ physically grew up, but mentally stayed the same.


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Daddy’s Weekend

Don’t forget to check out our new site,, where you can find all the parenting gold that’s out there, and if you are lucky, maybe you can find your future baby momma or daddy!


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Normally tighty whiteys are reserved for underwear but I see you’ve taken it a step further making them extra tight, mixing the with sweat, and displaying them to the public. Thanks?


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Good Vibrations

When I worked over night as a cashier this 40 something year old women would come in a couple nights a week with her 13 or 14 year old daughter, both were always obviously drunk. This lady was always doing crazy things, but one night just topped them all. I rung up all of her items and told her the total and she put her purse down on the counter to get her wallet. When her purse hit the counter something started buzzing, I assumed it was a cell phone, but she thought it would be approiate to say,”Sorry that’s just my vibrator.” She then pulled it out of her purse and turned it off. Even worse is that it wasn’t exactly ‘travel size’, and her daughter was standing right next to her laughing her ass off.

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