Mouse In The House

Even Mickey Mouse in Fantasia would think that getup is a little too weird. Although, you might be the most pleasant trench coat creeper anyone has ever met, so I guess there are 2 sides to every coin.


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Stop Hair Loss

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Myrtle Beach Police have arrested two accused shoplifters after a loss prevention officer said he saw them steal Rogaine and other items from Walmart Saturday.

According to a police report, officers responded to the Walmart located at 541 Seaboard St. around noon in reference to a shoplifting.

When they arrived, they met with the loss prevention officer who said he watched as the two suspects, identified as 25-year-old Jeffrey Harley Douglas and 19-year-old Samantha Lynn Hart, both of Myrtle Beach, conceal merchandise inside Hart’s purse.

Additionally, he said he saw Douglas conceal items underneath the front of his shirt after cutting packages with a knife.

Among the items reportedly shoplifted were $46 worth of men’s Rogaine, $43 worth of women’s Rogaine, four packs of drill bits, $37 worth of curl shampoo and conditioner, Nexxus shampoo and a prepaid phone. The total was valued at $410.

The complainant said he approached the pair and escorted them to the loss prevention room. According to the report, both Hart and Douglas admitted to the officers they shoplifted and both were arrested.

During a search, officers found a black knife inside Douglas’ front right pocket.

They have been charged with shoplifting under $2,000.

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The Jumper

I was employed at the Wooster, OH Wal Mart as a Fitting Room Associate. Well, one of my main responsibilities was to answer the phone, and usually direct the caller to the appropriate department. One Saturday afternoon, I received several unusual calls in a row. The first one was a woman calling to alert someone about the man on the roof. Immediately I assumed it was an employee with a legitimate reason to be there. This was an incorrect assumption. My very next call was from the man on the roof. He told me he was stuck and that someone needed to come help him get down. I asked him why he was on the roof and his response was “Because I can be!” Over the next 10 minutes I got 4 more calls reporting the man on the roof.

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McNuggets On The Dash

I was about to lay into this guy for having all that stupid crap on his car that is just waiting to fly off and smack my car when I’m driving behind him until I saw the old school McDonald’s McNugget Buddies glued to his dashboard! He went from being on my shit list to being on my awesome list. Don’t forget to check out other things that truly make your meal a happy one over at


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