Makin’ Somethin’ Out Of Nothin’

Let’s get your minds working full blast on Monday. The question now becomes, is she wearing those flesh-colored pants I love so much or nothing at all? Let’s face it, even the right answer here is wrong but I’m sure all of your bosses will thank me later for jump starting your brain today!


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The other day I was in Wal-Mart and heading toward the nearest bathroom to make use of the facilities when I was cut off by an older lady in one of the motorized carts Wal-Mart provides. She took the whole cart into the bathroom and promptly drove it toward the handicapped stall. As it happened, I was right behind her again when I went to leave the bathroom. Apparently, in the time it took the lady to use the bathroom, she forgot the physics required to steer her motorized cart out of the exit. This did not however, deter her enthusiasm in any way as she repeatedly slammed the cart into the door frame for a solid 2 minutes…Wrrrrrr BAM!!! Wrrrrr BAM!!! Wrrr BAM.

I was trying to decide the best course of action at this point to resolve the spontaneous traffic jam when a larger, burlier patron behind me walked up and lifted up the cart, old woman and all, and angled it to fit out the door. To this day, I am grateful to her for her efforts resolving the situation.

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Moment 4 Life

What’s up little lady? You kinda got this whole Nicki Minaj grandma thing going on for ya. Less booty, but I still see it.


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College Gameday

Saturdays and college football go together like lamb and tuna fish.

West Virginia

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