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How cruel you three  are to make fun of perople like that. I feel sorry for you.

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your site is a deplorable stain upon the sense of openness to diversity that my beloved country was founded upon. i have recently lost a son in Iraq and what hurts the most is that he died defending the very same freedoms that you spit upon on a daily basis. rot in hell you callous bastards.

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how would people like if i posted some bad pics of you and comment on them!!! yea you proble not like that!! YOU MOTHER FUCKS ARE THE WORST STORE EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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why would you people do this to people by taking pictures of them! Lke if some one dyes thier hair a weird color you are just going to put that on there with out asking them! Like people dress that and you make fun of that! Thats just wrong you people should be happy that they buy the stuff you sell! All of the people that think this is funny its not how would you feel if some one did this to you! How would you feel! Not very good now would you! To me if you take pictures of some one with out asking that is called STALKER!!! So you ass holes must be STALKERS if your takeing pictures of these people!!!

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