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Your site made me feel icky and ashamed of you until I read your hatemail page. Thank you for including it. That’s the page that’s really worth reading, and you could really do yourselves a favor by taking to heart some of the advice given by the writers. The only thing I can complement you on is including the hatemail page in order to show that there are plenty of people in America who don’t look at their fellow men and women the same way that you do.

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I’m sure you guys probably only chuckle when you get hate mail. But I think it is because you have your heads shoved so far up your asses that you aren’t paying attention to what is said. But Eh. Whatever, I’ll give a whack at it anyways. You’d think a rotten teenager like myself would find everything here funny. But no, I actually feel bad for some of the people you make fun of. Because what if some of the people that are dressed REALLY weird have mental disabilities or something? And you are making fun of them for that! I mean, you don’t have to have a mental disorder to dress like that, but still, the possibility is there. I mean, I believe I dress kind of weird. In kind of a “goth” or “punk” style. And I have a ton of piercings. But that is because I like them. And if I like how I dress, then whatever, right? If those people like how they dress, then whatever. But what really disgusts me is how you make fun of larger, or obese people. That isn’t right. I’m sure this letter will do nothing, because this site is popular anyways. That is just how things work. If it is popular, it will never be put down. No matter how WRONG or MEAN it is. But oh well. You people keep doing what you do best. Take pictures of unsuspecting people, and poke fun at them. I’ll be busy doing my homework, and being so uncool for not making fun of people, too. 🙂

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It is unfortunate that in an attempt to appear dignified and
respectable, you (the creators of this website) have simply showed the
rest of us how it takes absolutely no education or awareness of the
world around you to deem yourselves worthy of classifying what is and
isn’t a “handicap”. While I understand that your attempts at “satire” (I
think you should refer yourselves to a dictionary for a better
understanding of this word before using it in describing this site,
which certainly is not satirical in nature) involve observing how people
intentionally choose to live such “trashy” lifestyles, your presumptions
about the populations for which you mock couldn’t be farther from truth.

The class hierarchy in America is not a secret and it is also very well
documented and researched that the lower classes of our country are not
only the subject of oppression, but also that the ability for the
average person to actually rise from one socio-economic standing to one
above that of their current status is extremely hard in the system that
America uses to determine success. Because of this, the people you so
choose to mock were most likely born into a low socio-economic status
and never really had the opportunity to live a lifestyle outside of
that. Poor nutrition (causing the obesity epidemic we have in our
country, which you get plenty of laughs out of), lack of steady income
(which would likely explain half of the attire and cars on this website)
and lack of access to healthcare (also contributing to the condition of
these you love to exploit) are all plagues upon our country. It is
unfortunate that, rather than actually promote programs and ideas to
help lessen the gap in America’s wealth, you choose to use your
influence on the World Wide Web to continue harmful stereotypes of lower
classes and perpetuate the stigma against them that continues to hold
them back.

Of course, had any of you ever attended a College of any reputation you
would have certainly attended a Sociology class that would have covered
this in the first quarter. However, your lack of respect for the lower
class in our country also suggests you were brought up in a fairly
middle-class to upper-class environment. The fact that you even take the
time to update this site also suggests you are of a younger generation.
So congratulations: you were born into one of the most privileged and
select social classes in the world, and yet having failed to attain an
education of any merit you waste your time pointing out the inadequacies
of those who have not had the same privileges as you in their lives. The
real shame does not lie in the people for which you make fun of, but in
you for your inability to make any sort of real contribution to the
greater good of the people around you.

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