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I truly can’t believe that there is people like you fucking morons that created a site and are hopefully one day getting sued for slander. If this is what you fucking retards considering fun. GROW UP!!! Wait a minute…. I think I just saw a huge group shot of all the morons that are members here. I think the headline was. Stupid people that have pathetic lives and need to grow the fuck up. Nobody cares what you stupid critical morons think. I hope walmart sues you into the ground…………

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You guys suck! You have no respect for anyone! Maybe some of these people can’t afford to dress better!! Or maybe they have too much other stuff going on in there lives to care??? How mean can you be? I shop at WalMart because I’m a broke college student and I can still barely afford to shop there! I have car payments and rent to pay, not to mention textbooks and tuition so a and a lot of times I get to have the fun of choosing between buying gas and food. Oh and a few times I’ve had to make the wonderful decision between gas, food, and tampons! I’m sorry not everyone has the opportunity to be so stylish!!

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I don’t imagine you care, but I must tell you I’ve seen your “People of Walmart” forwards and am very aggravated.

Does it make you feel better about yourselves ridiculing and putting down people who are different from you or even most people?  If everyone was a slim, blonde, conservative dresser, what a boring world it would be.  I respect your right to free expression, but I don’t at ALL respect your meanness to the fat, old or gay.  And, no, I am not one of your Peoples of Walmart.

Thank you for reading and I hope you at least consider my comments.  If you choose to make fun of me for what I write here, so be it.

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1 Comment Hate Letters

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