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I’m so amazed & shocked how funny it is for people to post pics making fun of kids & innocent adults. To make fun of an overweight CHILD in a card is just ridiculous. God forbid people have a sense of humor, It’s just sad that society thinks that it’s perfectly ok to do this. What happened to people doing the right thing & treating each other with respect. I just find it hard to see this site is funny when you’re making fun of people who only are trying to be themselves & express themselves. Just because you don’t agree with their style does’t mean they’re fair game to make fun of on the internet. I hope whoever takes these pictures realize that, “What goes around comes around” I only hope that the people posted on this site NEVER see themselves on here, I can’t imagine how horrified & depressed they would be. The people who took these pics & run this site should be ashaimed of themselves.

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I find all those pics and stories a bit shameful : I love America because it allows individuals to live and behave or dress the way they like notwithstanding the dress codes at work in big companies …
I you feel you have the right to make fun of people, then you should have the courage to post a picture of you stating who you are and where you can be reached. This will restore the equilibrium between those who run the site allow themselves to mock people and those who are being mocked (after having spent their money at Walmart).

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What a sad day for so many Americans who happen to be shopping at Walmart and are not dressed according to the “People of Walmart” dress code (“A Candid Look at the Characters of Walmart,” Oct. 20 Magazine).

It’s equally sad that Luke Wherry and Adam Kipple felt their college education was disposable and trashed it in favor of mocking, ridiculing and tormenting other people. Thankfully, Andrew Kipple has chosen to stay in law school.

I’ve gotten the “People of Walmart” e-mails in the past and no doubt I’ve laughed while scrolling through the strange and bizarre pictures. But then I read the PG’s article and decided to visit the website, and what I saw and read completely changed my attitude. Some of the pictures are indeed laugh-worthy, but if you read the “Hate Mail” link on the website you’ll quickly understand just how much these men are hurting people.

We’re teaching our children that making fun of others is actually a means by which to make a living. We talk about bullying that takes place in our schools and how reprehensible it is and how desperately we need to change the mindset of children to be more tolerant. Hmmm. How about what this website is promoting?

If you don’t think this is bullying, then I’ve got news for you … it most certainly is. It’s an adult form of bullying and it stinks. Come on, guys. Put your advanced degrees to work and make a living the old-fashioned way and stop advocating meanness.

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The internet is a wonderful toy for you. Now you can take pictures on the sly of people and publish them on your site to be mocked. You should be proud of your accomplishment.

I guess if you stumbled upon me at a Walmart, I’d find my picture here too with all the snarky comments. Since I was in grade school, I’ve been made fun of. I’m not particularly good looking and I guess you would consider me a dork, an easy target. Since I can remember I’ve been exluded from things, mocked and have even been humilated in public by groups of people like you. I’ve been pelted with a snowball that had a rock inside it because I looked “like a queer” according the person who threw it to the delight of his friends. I guess it makes you feel superior and better than me. I actually had a fellow worker tell me to my face that “I was the ugliest thing she ever saw” in front of a line of customers at the store I was working at during Christmas.

I was lucky enough to find a girl and get married. Guess what? She’s a dork too. So for years, the both of us have been laughed at, even as adults. It’s great to live a lifetime being a victim. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my story, so go for it and feel good about yourself.

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