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If I ever saw myself in some shit like this I’d beat the living fuck outta the webmaster and then the person who took the pic, obviously the guy who created this webpage doesn’t wanna be seen, that’s why there’s no pic’s of him anywhere on this sight, have a nice day!

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Hello. I mean no harm and am not persecuting you, I am simply concerned about this making fun of people stuff and feel it’s important for you to know something. PLEASE read the entire letter.

When you judge someone, or make fun of them, you are really hurting yourself, too, because what comes around goes around in this world. You can never escape Karma, it eventually comes around back to you, good or bad. I know this is as a fact. I have seen it work, and no one gets away with hurting others and making fun of Gods’ image. Yes, we are ALL (even you and your workers) made in Gods’ image, so, what you do to the least of these, you do to HIM….GOD!!!!!! Please just STOP and think about this because one day you WILL meet him and will have to confess this to him. That would be terrible to face, but it’s true. We all will face our maker.

Some people just can’t bring themselves to care for themselves because of maybe a deep depression, a death in the family, mental dysfunction, ect. Alot of people are mentally handicapped and it shows in their dress, ect. They cannot help themselves. I was one of them. They, like you and I and ALL of us, need help somettime in our lives, don’t you agreee? So, when you make fun and poke fun at people, they could be very well so depressed they can’t even barley get up in the morning to dress themselves, but they HAVE to go shopping to feed themselves and their family. Don’t you see?? Instead of making fun, we should have compassion on those in need, whether it be physical ( as in clothing) or mental, ect. It just doesn’t make sense to make fun of the least of Gods’ creatures. We are so very very special and unique.

Please keep reading…don’t get mad or irritated…..I am NOT trying to do that.

There, but by the grace of GOD, go you and I….this dysfunction could easily affect anyone, even you. I am sure you would not like it very much if someone made money off of your mental, physical disability by making fun of you, would you. Well, it could happen because, remember, what comes around goes around.

Ask God for help. He loves you and will forgive you before it’s too late. Wouldn[‘t you hate to meet all the people you have made fun of in your liffettime in heaven and have to apologize to them, face them, and live out what you dished out to them in your own life’s flashback??? Not Good. I am telling you, God is REAL, brother. He. Is. Real. He lives in the least of these, my friend.

There is ONLY one hope. That is is Jesus Christ. He loves everyone, even the badly dressed and poor who have nowhere else to go to shop!!!

Please keep reading.

Shouldn’t you love them, too? Listen, God made you in his image, too. To do great things, not destructive things. You can do wonderful things for God and his creations!! it’s NOT too late. Maybe this is a warning to you from God, and maybe you should just re read this and ask God for help. Please do not ever again make fun of His creation. Please love everyone. Do GOOD to everyone. Then, when it’s your time to leave this earth… you will know you did the best you could for Gods’ ” least of these”:. May God richly richly RICHLY bless you and your workers on this web site.

EVERYONE deserves a chance! Everyone deserves love, and God is love!! Won’t you be His friend, too?? Thanks for reading. Now, Go and do Good all the days of your life…..it’s worth it.

Love in Christ,
Gods’ little Princess.

P.S. This letter is sent with love, not hate, so please don’t consider it hate mail! 🙂

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Dudes, Seriously. How mean can you get. How do you sleep at night? What if these people see themselves on the site? I think you guys should take a loooong look at your lives and see what messed you up.

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Wow. You make WAY too much fun of black people.

I’m not even black and I can understand how messed it is to find the amount of melanin in a person’s dermis funny.

Not all black people buy EVERYTHING at Walmart. Not all black people are ghetto. Not all black people talk differently than you or I. Not all black people are stupid or strange. Some are, but it has nothing to do with them being black.

Every single black person you see in these degrading pictures isn’t really that way. They’re playing a part. Of course, you would automatically assume that a white person with sagging pants and grills or a flaunting a big ass is just acting a part. They’re just pretending to be from the hood or whatever you want to call it. Well, so is everyone else of every color, including the dark-skinned people. I mean, black people aren’t born with South Pole hoodies and a ‘ghetto’ accent and guns like you want them to pretend.


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